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Small businesses have been under pressure in this unnecessarily bad economy.

In the search for real-world, practical, hands-on information, small business owners and people wanting to start something of their own, but fully understanding the risks, have enjoyed the relevant information from Idea Accelerator.

It’s information you can’t get anywhere else.

While you are on holiday, you may want to read some of our most-read blog posts in 2015 that you may have missed.

Many others have found them interesting and useful and you may too.

Here are some of the most read blog posts in 2015 (read them while they are still publically available):

Wine merchant’s customer service leaves sour taste

Finding business ideas for special needs children

When things seem hopeless, keep prospecting

Is your product and offering compelling in this market?

What are the top three issues in your business?

What do you do when business confidence is in shreds?

Hard times, hard decisions

I stumbled on a small business owner’s dream – an under-the-radar business

Put your idea to the test before you invest

How do you stare reality in the face and admit your mistakes (before the sheriff rocks up to collect and sell your motor vehicle, furniture and property)?

I hope you enjoy them and that they stimulate your entrepreneurial thinking, but most importantly, get you started in leveraging your new ideas, concepts and new approaches to help your economic pursuits in 2016.

I wish you a successful 2016.

I’ll be back in the New Year with more practical, hands-on advice you won’t find anywhere else.

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