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I was looking at someone on LinkedIn who runs a small business and goes around commenting on other people’s posts. 

It seems that this business person has been told by some marketing expert to build relations by leaving comments with possible prospects.

Some of these comments are what one could call “sweet nothings”, a person just trying to come up with something to say but saying nothing at all. 

Is that sincere? Is that good for the business person’s reputation? Is that effective?

But the most telling thing is that the business owner has posted very little content from his profile.

Relationship-building and content are important when marketing yourself and your services. But you can’t do one without the other.

Content gives you a chance to explain your service, show prospective customers what you offer, how you are different and what value you bring.

But the difficulty with content for many small business owners is not knowing what to say and how to say it. Suddenly, they are on the internet and soon realise that without content generation they’re not going to reach out to potential customers.

If you haven’t had experience in coming up with concepts and marketing messages, you’ll soon discover that it’s not that easy to do. In fact, it can be a huge stumbling block for your business.

A person experienced in marketing communication and copywriting, can work with you to come up with concepts and messages that will attract more people to your business offering.

The problem here is that there are many people claiming to be marketers and copywriters, but how much experience do they have? Some of them cost an arm and a leg. Others may come up with messages for you but with what impact?

If you need someone to help you with your marketing messages, do your homework and find someone who has the experience and past success. Try to get a testimonial from a business person who has worked with the marketing person or copywriter and find out what results they have achieved.

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