Only a fool would ignore this advice

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What do you think is the number one life skill you need in this economy?

Think about it yourself for a moment. Your own critical thinking is crucial.

To cut through the clutter and debris of what is happening right now in this economy, it’s important to simplify. To look clearly at the present and plan for the future.

I’m not talking about long-term planning here but day-to-day, short-term planning.

Ordinary citizens have seen almost everything decline. Many have lost their jobs. Others hang onto menial work just to bring food to the table. Those who have invested in property have seen property values collapse. Many people spend years paying off bonds only to see hundreds of thousands and even millions drop from their property values.

If you look at how long you spent to pay off your bond, it’s tragic. All that hard-earned money that you put in is now gone. You can’t use it for the future because once you’ve sold your property at a giveaway price, that potential income or investment money has disappeared.

Costs of everything have risen obscenely. Those who have services and products have turned into money-grabbers. This applies to everything, including the profit gouges from medical schemes, other forms of insurance, educational institutions, data companies, and the government brazenly milking consumers at the petrol pumps and electricity meters.

Many people have turned to whatever income source they can find. If they are lucky. Even more sit around jobless. Not because of their own fault through poor performance but because they have been discarded by businesses As an unnecessary cost.

The picture is grim.

We all know that.

If you think about it, whatever your life experience and education, what will set you apart and help you in the future is your ability to think critically

Critical thinking is essential to understand where you are, assist you with your day-to-day decisions and make income and investment decisions.

The other thing is to handle the present with the right attitude. You can’t control all those things happening around you and affecting you, but you can control yourself.

A wise person said about 3000 years ago that you should be cheery to be healthy because being gloomy is a slow way to death.

There is plenty of specific advice that you can get from others, on the Internet and from artificial intelligence. But focusing on your critical thinking and your attitude is essential if you want to survive what is happening.

Only a fool would ignore this advice.

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