Out on the blue water

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Photo by the author

Sunday morning, and the alarm rings at 5.15. It’s funny how one’s bed seems so soft and comfy when you have to wake up early for fishing. You just want to lie there and fall asleep again.

We leave the harbour as the sun is rising over the blue bay, with the majestic mountains covered in mist, a light breeze blowing across the water as we turn and head out to sea.

On route to the squid fishing grounds, three large seagulls fly overhead with the boat, the gulls up early in search of their breakfast. The air is still cool.

At the fishing grounds, after throwing the anchor, we start catching squid. It’s beautiful out there, the boat rising with the large swells. The waves on top of the water from the wind crest with small splashes of white against the blue water.

By mid-morning, the sun is hot; it’s time to cover up one’s body to protect against the rays of the sun. You can feel the sweat pouring from your sides and your body heating up on this hot summer’s day, despite the breeze picking up.

The wind turns the boat in different directions until it settles into the northeast. It’s a dead wind for fishing. Mysteriously when the northeaster blows, the fish of whatever species go off the bite.

Three men in the bow of the boat ??pull up the anchor ?and we head back to the harbour against the northeast wind.

As we come in closer to shore, I can see the old landmarks that indicate where the reefs are, where I used to fish in a small rowboat in a decade when the fish were more plentiful.

We round the harbour entrance and come in with the port and starboard lighthouses shining in the bright late morning sun, into the safety of the harbour.

It’s been a good day at sea, where you only think of the beauty of nature, smell the salt sea air and feel the energy of the sun. For a brief few moments in one’s life, day-to-day troubles are swept away and your mind, body and soul can relax.

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