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(Copyright © 2015 by Rayne Bradshaw, all rights reserved)
(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)

A young woman began acquiring valuable business skills as a restaurant chef and manager. She worked in restaurants in Johannesburg and at private game lodges. A country girl at heart, she eventually ended up in the small Free State town of Parys and got a job as an assistant manager at the Ruby’s restaurant. The owner was more interested in relocating to Cape Town and the young restaurant owner seized this opportunity. She decided to buy out Ruby’s restaurant. Now she is building on this fine dining restaurant’s reputation and is loving it.

People look at successful business owners but often don’t realise the time and hard work it takes to acquire specialised skills in a particular business and the necessary business and management skills. Often it requires working in low-paid menial jobs, long hours (especially in the food and catering businesses) and dealing with difficult personalities. Yet once you have acquired business skills you possess a valuable asset.

Many South Africans have been able to take their business experience and skills from the city and move out into country towns where they are able to enjoy a slower, more healthy lifestyle. But it’s not only the migration into smaller communities where small business people excel themselves but also all around the world. Medical doctors, for example, have started successful health nutritional and supplement businesses in the United States, taken their business skills with them to New Zealand and started thriving small businesses in the arts field and acquired and operated successful businesses in Europe.

You see, business skills are transportable and yes while there may be differences from one country to the next, sharp business people and entrepreneurs are able to bridge these gaps. Entrepreneurs know that they have valuable skills and can take them with them to more hospitable environments. One thing’s for sure, entrepreneurs value their freedom and because they are self-confident, positive people, they are able to overcome any obstacles they may encounter in different business environments.

Whatever stage you are in on the road to acquiring valuable business skills, keep looking for opportunities to grow and build your business skills and acumen. No matter how hard the going gets, remember that once you have acquired your business skills you have a valuable asset that provides you with independence.

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