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Smile (Brian Wilson album)
Smile (Brian Wilson album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In his song “Heroes And Villians” musical genius Brian Wilson has the following lines, “In the Cantina, Margarita keeps the spirits high. There I watched her. She spun around and ’round in the warmth. Her body fanned the flame of the dance.”

Keeping the spirits high, keeping your spirits high, is critical where we are now in this national economy. Who keeps your spirits high? Or, what keeps your spirits high?

In the bits & pieces I wrote more than three years ago, I tried to give out as much information as I could on what to do when the recession would come. It was all about streamlining, putting away a cash kitty, getting your business in order, trimming fat and looking for new sources of income. There was much more but this was the essence. I saw it coming – the local heroes and villains were unfortunately going about things the wrong way.

It’s hearbreaking when you see how things will pan out but there’s nothing you can do about it, except to get ready to protect yourself and your business from the gathering storm. Things would suddenly change as the economy, which we all depend on, would go down because of mistreatment, missed opportunities and contempt.

In rough, hard times my mother kept our family spirits high. She was the one who saw opportunity. She knew how to smile. She must have had a happy childhood.

It took Brian Wilson 37 years to come out with his concept album “Smile”. The idea for smile emerged in 1966 after the first concept album “Pet Sounds”. The world premiere of “Smile” was at London’s Royal Festival Hall in February 2004. The remarkable achievement about “Smile” is that Brian Wilson held his vision for this album for almost 40 years. It is such a privilege to be able to hear this music created by the George Gershwin of this era.

As we ride in the rough let’s keep our spirits high on those things we wish to create, to bring to others so they may benefit and have joy and, as Brian Wilson believes, in the spiritual power of laughter. David Leaf, the author of “The Beach Boys & the California Myth” and the director of the documentary “Beautiful Dreamer: The Story of Smile” says Brian Wilson simply wrote this music to make us “Smile”. If you can’t find Margarita, your cheerleader, in you go find someone or something that can keep your spirits high.

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