The stories of two people… and what made the difference… which one are you?

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One is a qualified professional, a person who ably handles multi-million projects. The other a warm administrator, always helpful and efficient.

These two people are similar in many ways such as age, the need to excel at what they do and enjoy a good laugh. But that’s where the similarity ends. Here are their stories:

The guy who is a qualified professional has been out of work for six months. He’s sent his CV to over 250 companies. He came back to South Africa from doing work abroad and now needs to find another one-or two-year contract. All this uncertainty and pain and every year he gets less marketable on the international market because of his age.

The other person, a woman, got fed up with her work environment and decided to do something about it. She started a small business with steady demand in her home town. Now she has a regular income most probably for life and will no longer need to put up with shoddy treatment and having to cover for slackers.

What made the difference between these two people?

One stubbornly refuses to come up with alternatives to his gypsy lifestyle and possess the necessary self-discipline to undertake a detailed opportunity search and develop something on his own. The other looked around, found an opportunity and developed it into something that could work for her.

Which one of these people is you?

Time waits for no one. You can protect your personal assets with insurance but how many people are able to be certain about their income in these difficult economic and political times?

How do you start building something for yourself that can either kick in when you meet a wrong turn in the road or you decide for yourself that you want to change your income lifestyle?

It all starts with an idea… an opportunity that requires further exploration and makes sense to you. But here’s the thing: generating and finding ideas isn’t something that can be reduced to a formula, turned into a formal structured process or be simplified into fixed rules. Nor can you just copy or imitate the methods of others and expect fixed results.

Those who have achieved the income lifestyle they want have mainly done so through the help of a mentor or business coach from someone in the family, a close friend or a trusted adviser. But don’t be fooled – business advisers or coaches can’t magically give you ideas or present opportunities to you on a platter even if they spend hours getting to know you and your passion. You have to take the initiative, you have to take the first small step, you have to have the self-discipline and comfort level with hard work to come up with something of your own no matter how much guidance or input you receive from a trusted adviser.

For years I struggled to break free from a frustrating life of low-paid, menial jobs but I found I was getting nowhere and ended up living in a tiny room eating Ocean Fresh pickle fish from a can. Then I met an old-school encyclopedia salesperson near the end of his life who shared his business experience and methods which led to discovering a step-by-step method to come up with ideas and turn them into viable income.

Today I’m more secure and happy with a beautiful and loving daughter who I admire so much and an entrepreneurial son who I have helped on his path to fulfilling his dream in the world of oceangoing yachting.

In tough financial times like these it’s more important than ever to have a backup plan. If you want to take small steps towards taking charge of your life, get yourself onto our mailing list for free, no-obligation information on what you need to know and do.

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