What do you predict for your business in 2014?

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Kalk Bay mountain. Copyright 2014 Chesney Bradshaw

A friend of mine called me as soon as I arrived in Cape Town to arrange a hike up Kalk Bay mountain. He said we needed to go on the Saturday because it would be cooler and cloudy. It would be the best day to go walking on the mountainside because after this temperatures would rise in the city for the next five or so days.

The North West wind came up that night and in the early hours of the morning it rained. At daybreak it was clear that the weather was perfect for hiking despite it being in the middle of the summer. My friend had got the forecast right and being a local had a pretty good knowledge of weather conditions in Cape Town.

The walk up the mountain side from Boyes Drive was difficult at first for all of us with the ever increasing incline but slowly we got into a stride and advanced up the mountain side to the top. Along the way, there were stunning scenes of the aquamarine sea below with the big brown rocks looking like chocolate fudge – on the cream white sands. All along the footpath were flowers from the Cape floral Kingdom including pink geraniums, pincushion protea and flaming red Watsonias. The larger queen and king proteas were dried up as their season would come in about April or May.

The mountain crunched under our walking shoes as we descended into a thick bushy area where a mountain stream, the colour of rooibos tea, trickled across the path. We drank the “organic” water, free of chemicals, and were astounded by its velvety softness and sweetness.

At last, high up in the canyon at the top of the mountain where our shouts echoed against the rocks and a large hawk glided above against the blue sky in the hot afternoon, we could look back and see the vast vista that stretched across False Bay to the Hottentots Holland mountain range on the horizon. Here, the mountain was filled with birdsong, buzzing insects and the lap of the wind. Apart from the path made by humans the mountain side itself stood untouched for thousands of years.

At this height one leaves behind all the strains and stresses of the past year and you get to thinking about where your life and business is headed. The newspapers try to hypnotise you into reading all sorts of predictions by psychics, clairvoyants and traditional spiritual healers. Predictions and forecasts about political elections, economic performance, harmony between people or strife and even foreign investment.

What predictions would you make for your business in 2014? Looking down with a mountain view, what do you think will happen to you and your business in 2014? What if you had extra ordinary psychic powers that gave you insight into what the year ahead would hold for you?

Whatever predictions people may make, you can only be certain of the energy, drive and passion that will move your business forward in 2014. It’s your own business smarts, opportunity awareness and people savvy skills that will continue to transform your business.

Life is an emotional game and as you learn how to detach yourself from your emotions, particularly the negative, destructive emotions, you will lead yourself to understand your inner self, trust your intuition and insight, make accurate decisions and learn how to balance your energy flow to guide you on your mountain path.

Challenges will cross your path and somehow you will find the inner strength to place one foot forward and then another to progress even when it seems like you can’t go on any more.

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