What have you lost recently?

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Have you lost something recently? Something valuable. Perhaps an object, a bunch of keys, your wallet, a memory stick that you looked everywhere for but just couldn’t find?

A few weeks ago I “lost” my swimming costume. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. I was very disappointed because it fitted me well, dried quickly and has lasted for several summer seasons. Lo and behold, the next day I found it hanging up outside the shower on a railing. I must have left it when I got back from swimming and forgot all about it.

Can you think of something that you have lost and found? What a joy to get it back. It’s like reuniting with an old friend.

One of my daughter’s friends lost his voice a few days after the start of the New Year. While we were on holiday he called her to find out if she could get hold of the remedy to get back his voice. My daughter found out the remedy from a professional singer. She got hold of the professional singer and texted the “lost voice” recipe to him. If you ever lose your voice you may want to remember this lost voice remedy:

Ingredients: lemon juice, half a teaspoon ground ginger, teaspoon of honey and two Disprins. Mix all the ingredients in a cup of boiling water and take three times daily.

After about 48 hours he got his voice back.

Sometimes it’s the less visible things that we lose during a busy year like last year and feel that something is missing in our lives or just not right. What I lost last year was finding the time for quiet sessions where I could be on my own to let the creative thoughts flow. Time to think. Time to come up with new ideas.

In my business I had very little time or didn’t make time to just go for a walk by myself, spend an hour or two on my own or go for a drive into the countryside. These are the times when you can spend some time “daydreaming” or doing some blue-sky thinking.

Even just sitting and waiting for thoughts, concepts, ideas to float into your mind and watch them as a neutral observer can act as a stimulus to the brain. For some people this quiet opening of the mind can involve meditation or visualisation such as “theatre of the mind” sessions. For other people a walk about for ideas in a marketplace or shopping centre you haven’t visited before or a Saturday morning market may well bring about a creative flow just as much as a quiet session in a favourite place around the house might do.

Often the best times to find a quiet period on your own where your mind is free to roam is early in the morning. This is when you are usually free from distractions and demands from other people. If you leave it for late in the day, time seems to rush by and at the end of the day you haven’t found a time to fit it in.

What have you lost and want to find this year? Could it be that you want to find work that expresses and fulfils your needs, talents and passions? Do you want to tune into your inner world and your unique talents? Are you looking for more self-expression, growth, better relationships and improved balance in your life?

Whatever you feel you may have lost, think about how you can set aside time to find what inspires you and energises your life and business. I hope that you find what you’re looking for in 2014.

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