What is the most valuable business document you can have to promote yourself today?

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This is a challenging question because there are so many different types of documents you can have to promote yourself.

If you are a job seeker, then a CV or resume will be important for your job search.

Your CV needs to stand out because, in most cases, you are dealing with people who don’t know you at all. You are a total stranger to them. How do you get them interested in you, and what can you do? How do they believe you? What will make you stand out?

For some professions like architects, a value statement story may be useful. This will be a story that reveals your values, bringing to the fore the type of work that you can do well and what drives your passion.

In some markets, an entrepreneur may need to write a short book that acts as a calling card and gives credibility to the entrepreneur. You need something that can help you tell your story and give value to the reader. What this value will be depends on your experience and expertise.

There are many other types of documents that can be valuable to you or your business.

It will depend on your goal and what you want to achieve.

The writing for these documents needs to be good. You aren’t going to grab and keep a reader’s attention unless they are written well.

You have to be captivating and interesting, and make sure that you know how to get the reader to read to the end of your document.

This can all be achieved when you use the services of a professional writer, someone who has written many forms of documents in business, someone who has experience in writing business notes, business articles, business reports, emails, web content, proposals, profiles, feature articles, e-books, and even cheat sheets.

Send me a brief proposal of the document you want to write, and I can have a look at it and see if it would interest me.

If your pitch is engaging or captivating, then I’ll follow up with a few questions.

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