What is your purpose in starting a new business?

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Port Beaufort-20151227-01165I came across an artist who built his own home, sells his artwork and gives people private lessons. His life is fascinating because he lives his passion. But it also has a shadow side. He has to keep expenses down to the bone by doing most things himself. He was able to buy his house from his previous job but now makes enough to live on from his artistic pursuits so you won’t need to ever go back to a “regular job”.

This is an extreme example of building a lifestyle based on your creative talents. It’s often like this. Not enough money comes in from your creative pursuits so you usually have to teach and find other sources of income. Yet this person is living his dream lifestyle.

What driving passion do you have to start something of your own?

People start small enterprises for different reasons. Some want to make an income from their creative talents; others want to cut loose from the nine-to-five routine and forge a lifestyle for themselves where they have greater freedom; yet others wish to stay in a geographic location or move to one that is more to their liking; and there are those who wish to start a business to provide more for their children or contribute towards the community.

Another category is those people who are forced by circumstances and an unfavourable environment to fend for themselves. These are the people who have the door shut in their face, who are excluded from certain businesses or simply just don’t fit in.

I haven’t come across any research on it but it would be interesting to see who has the stronger purpose or “why”: those who choose to go into something of their own or are “forced” to. One way to look at it is to determine a person’s individual drive or motivation. But again motivation may be strong with either group. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of success stories from both camps.

Whatever your purpose or motive for going out on your own, you will soon realise that without customers you won’t be able to do it. You’ve got to figure out how to get someone to pay for what you are offering. Unless what you offer gives potential customers value however that is defined you don’t have a business.

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