What support do you need in crossing the unknown sea in your life?

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Storm at sea.
Storm at sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A young woman’s sensing the need for change after working at a Swiss bank in Zürich has decided to transition into a career in sport management. The inciting incident or trigger event for this woman was that the bank is not doing well and retrenchments are on the way.

Life or career transitions can be provoked by external or internal change. Yet, as we know, transition happens internally and can often be traumatic, difficult and painful. It can mean a shaking up of your equilibria or status quo. The need to change places additional stress on you. Even if the need for transition is initiated by yourself, you still may feel uneasy, uncertain and adrift like a small rowboat on a vast stormy ocean.

Worse still is handling a transition on your own. You need to make decisions but you may be so overwhelmed by information coming at you that you seem helpless to move forward with your life and career.

Having someone to guide you can help. Especially if that someone has been through several transitions themselves and has helped and guided others in their new journey. Choosing the right person is important. You’ve got to make sure that you can trust your guide to help you cross the unknown sea in your life.

I recently assisted a young person with an important transition. It was difficult for him to decide what to do. He had set out on a path but now that he had accomplished what he set out to achieve, he didn’t want to go back doing the same thing. We worked together and after about six one-on-one consultations, two practical and fun exercises and encouraging him to read two classic books on personal change he achieved clarity, direction and purpose. Now he is on a new life adventure to a South American country.

I believe crossing the unknown sea to reach your potential in life doesn’t have to be a survival course but can be an exciting adventure when you live creatively by using your skills and talents to meet whatever challenge you may face.

For people wanting to make that journey who are looking to start something new whether a career change, lifestyle relocation, financial independence or meaningful contribution in “retirement”, I have developed a practical, no-nonsense guide that mentors you on using your creative potential to achieve what you really want in life.

“Breakthrough Ideas” can get you started, thinking about possibilities in helping you with your journey from sensing the need to change to making it happen. Here’s the link. If you need further help, you can contact me about one-on-one coaching about possibilities in helping you with your journey.

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