What’s critical for making a life or career transition?

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The author Chesney Bradshaw
The author Chesney Bradshaw

People experienced trigger events that may make them want to change. The trigger could be a worsening situation at a company or the need for better personal lifework balance. But it also could be lifestyle relocation, personal circumstances, rewiring for “retirement” or venturing on your own.

The problem is that people don’t always have the time to explore alternative possibilities. Those in corporate or professional jobs such as lawyers, doctors and dentists are tied down to their jobs. It also takes time to adjust from one working identity to another.

So how do you go about exploring alternative possibilities?

The short answer may be to simply make time if you really feel a strong need to transition. If you don’t, you will remain stuck where you are.

“A more important determinant of taking the leap than skills transfer ability may be the capacity to explore alternatives,” says Hermina Ibarra in a working paper “Career transition and Change” (INSEAD).

I break down exploring possibilities into four dimensions:

1 Time to explore (depending on present role or job)
2 Imagining and creating alternative possibilities
3 Trying out or experimenting with alternatives
4 Preparation (acquiring new experience, skills, training, coaching)

While all these dimensions are important, imagining and creating alternatives is crucial. The reason is that you need to think imaginatively about possibilities and find what you enjoy. This is where the book “Breakthrough Ideas” will help. It will help you break free from your shackled thinking, opening new, exciting possibilities that will motivate you to take the next step.

I believe crossing the unknown sea to reach your potential in life doesn’t have to be a survival course but can be an exciting adventure when you live creatively by using your skills and talents to meet whatever challenge you may face.

For people wanting to make that journey, who are looking to start something new, whether a career change, lifestyle relocation, financial independence, starting something of your own, or making a meaningful contribution in “retirement”, “Breakthrough Ideas” is a practical, no-nonsense guide that mentors you on using your creative potential to achieve what you really want in life.

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