Why your company should fear a business disruption

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Photo by Chris Gallagher on Unsplash

When last did you test your business continuity plan?

A disruptive incident at your workplace or factory can lead to financial boss.

The aim of business continuity management is to ensure that you can get your business operations up and running in the shortest possible time after a disruptive incident.

By testing your business continuity plan annually, you are able to determine how effective it is and to make improvements.

How should you go about testing your business continuity plan?

If you do not have the internal expertise, you would need to get hold of an independent contractor who specialises in business continuity management.

They will take you through a test scenario and see how your management responds and where there are gaps that need to be addressed and closed.

You can also do a test yourself but just remember that this then would not be done by an outside, objective and neutral observer. But if you are professional about it, you can do one that would be reasonably acceptable.

Just remember that an independent consultant will have more experience with business continuity management and will be able to identify gaps that you may perhaps not be able to identify.

Business people get caught up in the thick of small the things. They often are too busy dealing with operational issues and customer requirements. Business continuity management gets swept aside or lost in the churn.

How prepared are you if a disruptive incident occurs?

In an ever-changing complex social environment, pressure on resources and global climate impacts, the probability of destructive incidents has increased. But there are many other causes of disruptive incidents including cyber crime, human error and machine breakdowns.

If you wish to find out more about business continuity plan testing, please contact me by email.

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