Without this one ingredient you don’t stand a chance of getting your food product onto a local market

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Entrepreneurs of all kinds need one ingredient to get their business off the ground. Many, however, are wheel spinners. They put a lot of effort into the first stages of developing their product and making their first sales but don’t follow through.

Examine your life and see what you have accomplished. What projects have you completed? Are there hobbies that you started but lost interest in and abandoned? Is your garage cluttered with items that were tools to help you get started in a hobby or sport but they lie there gathering dust?

It’s so important to be a self-starter. To be motivated and stay motivated. Understand this, everyone has problems with finishing projects and continuing to keep them going.

With any type of project, be it a home-made food product on a local community food market or any other type of small business, you need to establish a routine where you devote a certain percentage of your time each and every day for accomplishing your project.

It can be difficult at times. You don’t seem to have the energy or enthusiasm to carry on. This is where is important to “manufacture” energy to get yourself started. Do whatever it takes to get going. If meditation works for you, meditate. If a walk in the park does it for you, then go walking. If it’s something simple like a good night’s sleep, then get to bed early.

None of us like sweating the small stuff. But with any project there is going to be small stuff. You must be a master of detail. Each task you complete leads you to the next task and so you keep going on and on.

Some might think this is drudgery but life is full of small tasks that you have to do if you want to complete sub projects and the larger project. One product that I am developing has already taken me almost a year and I’m still not finished. It’s been hard waking up every morning and finding the energy to continue. But I have a vision, an inspired vision. When the product is developed and marketed, it will help many people. So whatever happens, I have to remain focused on its completion.

Many years ago I was working for someone, a leader, a person who had been high up in the military in another country before he used his chemical engineering and leadership expertise to run a major business concern. One day when I was doing a project for him, he remarked that if you want to get something done in life you have to have GOYA (which means “Get Off Your (you will know which word to insert here but to be polite, let’s just use the word that follows) Rear”.

This is the ingredient, GOYA, put in simple and blunt terms, that you need to complete and continue with any project. It will serve you well in starting your business and selling a food product on a local stroke local market.

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