“You’ve just got to make it happen otherwise nothing happens”

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Copyright by Chesney Bradshaw 2016

An artist who organised a large exhibition in the old part of Johannesburg was asked how she and her business partner managed to pull together a large exhibition and celebratory evening.

She said, “You’ve got to make it happen otherwise nothing happens.”

That statement says a lot.

It reminds one of the energy that is required to get anything off the ground, to start something from scratch.

You know, it’s easy talking about things but quite a different matter to make things happen. It’s often the case that someone who is a busy person can take on more just because they already have momentum.

It’s amazing what can be achieved when you have the energy. Let’s not kid ourselves, it takes much energy and momentum to start something new.

That’s why it’s important to go into something you enjoy and love doing. Without interest, passion or a strong desire it’s going to be a hard to find the energy to “move mountains”.

In the fields where creativity is required that energy may take some time before it ignites. It may take some time for the latent energy to build up. Let’s take an example where you might have an idea for something but its still perculating or churning in your mind.

You have to accept that sometimes you have to wait until your idea has grown and is more fully formed. This is why when I do work involving a high level of creativity and when I am pushed for a deadline I respect the creative process more than some client making their problem mine.

I have often found that when work is not rushed, you end up with a better quality product. This is difficult to achieve in today’s “busy, busy” world where people want things NOW.

Another thing – it takes commitment and discipline to get things done. This is something that people don’t like talking about but unfortunately with out hard work, painstaking work, back-breaking work little can be achieved.

Yes, we’d all like to be on an endless summer holiday, surfing waves every day, but the hard reality is that nothing happens until you make things happen.

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