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Rotten_tomatoesIn my posts I talk a lot about new ideas for start-ups, small business innovation and generally new business ideas that make things better.

Yet some people cook up ideas for their own wicked games. The process can be the same to come up with positive ideas as it is to generate negative ideas. Yet the intention is the difference between day and night.

Just think about the dirty rotten scoundrels who want to take your house, car, savings, and perhaps even your life.

Now, let me ask you this… have you thought about how certain people generate their big bad ideas? You may have but here are some negative ideas (yet seemingly positive) for those who can put a gun to your head:

• Unashamedly raise housing rates each year way beyond inflation with no improvements (actually, services get worse).
• Stick up tolls that milk your transport budget dry.
• Raise energy prices through the roof because they’ve got you by the… throat.

This is all so repulsive I don’t want to list any more. I could fill this page. My point is that the intention behind an idea can be good or bad.

Have you noticed businesses that pretend to have good intentions behind their new ideas or innovations but their real purpose only caters to their self-interest?

• Announce a new product with features removed to reduce costs yet keep the price the same to make better profits.
• Employ despicable bait and switch tactics to lure you with a special no longer available but the far higher priced to version is.
• Claim their service has improved when they have merely got rid of employees and shoved in a call centre to shut out all complaints.

You’ve just got to wonder… how they get away with this hood winking. But they do.

Just picture for moment the intention of small business owners who come up with new business ideas for innovative products and services:

– Help to improve the lives of their customers in a very real and meaningful way.
– Devise ways to speed their service to customers so waiting time is drastically reduced.
– Cut their internal cost to the bone so that they can help reduce their consumers’ costs in this down economy.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if small businesses owners could be recognised for the powerfully positive contribution of their new business ideas and innovation rather than being kicked in the teeth and robbed by many who want their hard-earned income?

It would be incredible but the reality is that it won’t happen. Sorry I can’t be more positive on this one. Small businesses have to keep coming up with ideas to serve their customers despite being thrown with rotten tomatoes.

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Chesney Bradshaw

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