Sing in the shower for brilliant ideas and profit from your innovation

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Español: Un hombre practicando kitesurfing en las palyas de Curanipe, Chile.
Español: Un hombre practicando kitesurfing en las palyas de Curanipe, Chile.

This African proverb is a great way to think about new ideas and innovation:

“An axe without a handle does not cut firewood.”

Combinations lead to innovation.

Connections among your experiences, feelings, emotions, deep thinking, facts and observations can spark new ideas for products, services, fresh thinking and stunning insights.

Three quick examples:

– Ballet and shoes = ballet pumps
– Surfboard and kite = kite boarding
– Internet and friends = Facebook

How do you discover these golden connections? How do you ignite these golden threads? How do you spark of these golden opportunities?

Brilliant ideas start with you. I feel wound tighter than a spring when I say it’s you, you, you, you, you.

It’s all in your self-belief. Studies have proven that if you think you are creative, innovative, powerful in a negotiation or a friendly and nice person you will act that way.

Your brilliant ideas start with lighting a fire under your self-esteem. Believe in yourself as someone who comes up with great ideas and you will.

How do you come up with these golden ideas?

Go sing in the shower.

When you are relaxed and enjoying yourself ideas will come to you. Many people do their best free-wheel thinking in the shower. Some keep scuba divers’ slate boards in the shower to record their ideas. Others keep their notepad just outside the shower so when they hit the jackpot in a state of flow, they can scribble down every word.

How do you keep your happy juice going to stumble on more golden nuggets?

– Take a fresh look around you. Observe with fresh eyes.
– Listen to people, especially what freaks them out.
– Turn some familiar things upside down. Shake them all about. Sift and find your gold.

That’s the long and short of it. Use these three little tricks to find your golden ticket. Remember that your altitude is determined by attitude.

When you come up with an idea by connecting the dots even if it’s fuzzy don’t worry your head off. It can easily be kicked into shape with the right tools.

Stay inspired

Chesney Bradshaw

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