Are you worried about your email etiquette?

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Are you worried about your email etiquette?

I was chatting to a prospective attendee who enquired via Facebook about the Better Business Writing Course.

Her main interest in the course was whether it would cover email etiquette.

It’s interesting that as a young person she was keen on email etiquette.

But she’s right. Businesspeople have many complaints about email. Messages with unclear subject lines, misspelled words, faulty grammar and wrong language. Spraying of “Reply All” emails.

Today with many businesspeople, even CEOs trying to look young and “with it”, the instant messaging, social media style of writing is flooding over into company business communication. But many feel uncomfortable with this over casual way of written communication because it’s not leading to clear and understandable messaging.

Let’s not knock instant messaging, Tweets and Facebook or Instagram comments. Take them for what they are worth. It’s a new style of writing influenced by social media and for those who want to feel in-the-know, up to date and look “cool”.

But social media Tweets, Facebook comments and instant messaging to friends and family just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to business.

Yes, in some workplaces, especially in those where top management is grooving on new advice from management consultants, it looks like the workplace has become a fun place, with smiles all around, casual clothes, employees on their cell phones taking social calls and having long chats and roaring laughter in the corridors.

Has everyone forgot how serious business is?

Have they forgotten that business is about serving customers and making profit?

If you don’t make profit, by serving customers with quality products at a price they can afford, then soon or suddenly the business will shut down. It’s as simple as that.

Many, many employees in this economy soon find out the reality of business. Especially when their services are no longer needed due to restructuring and retrenchment (because the business failed to pay attention to customers and profits).

In the Better Business Writing Course, I cover the foundation, bedrock of email etiquette — but much more than this. It’s about your reader and how you treat your reader.

A module on email etiquette is jam packed, brimming all over with advice, examples, things you can do right away to be respectful in your emails, warm up the tone of your written conversation with colleagues and customers and some special bonuses for those who attend the course.

If you’re wondering what email etiquette is all about and what place it has in communications at digital speed where it’s becoming harder to catch the reader’s attention, then book yourself on the Better Business Writing Course. It’s being held from 3-4 June 2020 in Johannesburg.

Places are limited deliberately to give specialized attention to attendees.

If you’re ready to book a place for yourself or your team members and want the course brochure, contact me via email on or on our Facebook page.

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