Beware business advice from acquaintances, friends and do gooders

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Business plan on wall

Someone I know recently left their work and all sorts of advice poured in about what the person could do.

The suggestions ranged from starting your own online business, starting a physical store, contacting people for jobs and many others.

Some of this was well-meaning and very encouraging. People really took the person’s circumstances seriously.

Yet the problem is that no one really asked what the person wanted to do.

Rather than desperately grab onto ideas from other people it would be best to find out yourself what you want to do and whether it’s feasible to do.

All the gushing advice doesn’t really help an iota unless the person knows what they want to do.

As a brainstorming session, the ideas were pretty good but as I say they are only a starting point and require much further investigation.

I don’t claim to have any superior advice on how to go about starting your business especially in this very difficult market place. I have run some of my own sideline businesses but all I can say is it’s very difficult unless you have an exceptional service or product.

If you want advice on starting something of your own, then it’s best to speak to a professional who can guide you in the right direction.

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