Do you want the whole package or bite size chunks?

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jar with peanut butter on table

Last week, I needed to buy paint for the bathroom. I went to these building supply stores and a paint shop, and the only size—the smallest size I could buy was one litre.

I remember when you could buy paint in 250-ml and half-liter tins, but that is no longer the case.

Slowly other products that came in smaller sizes are disappearing from mainstream supermarkets. Take peanut butter. There still is a 270 bottle size of peanut butter but you can find them only in the general trade.

The other day in the supermarket I wanted to buy one litre of milk. The supermarket was only selling 2-liter size milk containers.

A while back I was interested in an internet product that included videos and notes but the seller wanted you to buy all 32 lessons. Yes, they gave you the first lesson to review but why couldn’t I just pick and choose which lessons I wanted and buy them separately?

The way marketers package things these days is to offer only the total package or the larger size. Of course it makes sense for any seller to load the purchase price and eliminate the smaller sales.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could buy one hour’s time from a professional on whatever subject you need to learn more about or know more about than to buy a monthly or annual subscription?

In these tough economic times, customers are hesitant to buy large purchases of anything.

So it makes sense to think how you can provide smaller units of whatever you’re selling, including time and expertise, which makes it more affordable for the buyer.

If you want to work on this area in your business, let me know via email and we can set up a brief meeting. I’ll reply with the price.

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