Sick of free stuff? Here’s something on lead generation that’s worth paying for

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I’m sure, like me, you’re overwhelmed with all the free stuff that is being offered.

Free ebooks, free videos, free information.

Well, have you gone through that information and found it valuable for you and your business?

It’s unlikely.

I’m offering a paid-for consultation on your lead generation system, the one you currently have.

I’ll go through it with you in detail on a Zoom call:

1/ in the first half an hour we’ll go through your lead generation system (even if you don’t have a formal one)

2/ in the second half hour I’ll give you recommendations that you can take away and implement as soon as you want.

I’ll help you find out where the gaps are, the opportunities and where you can get leads for your business.

None of this is any secret.

But the secret lies in obtaining customized personal attention from me on how you are gaining leads and what could be done to increase your leads.

If you still believe in free, then be my guest and do a Google search or even ask a chatbot for lead suggestions for your business.

However, if you are willing to pay for a review of your lead system no matter how big or small your business, then sign up on any one of my email fill-in blocks on this website and tell me if you’re interested and I’ll send you the price.

PS If you want to check out my credentials, then search this website or do a Google search.

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