Business writing tip – how to avoid writing long-winded emails and letters

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A long-winded email, business letter or report is going to most likely be ignored or simply end up in the bin.

How often do you receive long emails that go on and on and make little sense?

If the writer had taken time to summarise her or his points the email or letter would be easy and quick to read.

Shorter is of course not always better. Sometimes it’s necessary to expand on some points so that the reader will have a clear understanding of what the business person wants to get across.

Many businesspeople experience difficulty writing short and concise emails, business letters and reports (eg. progress and project reports).

Business writing presents all sorts of difficulties and complications and especially keeping correspondence to a length that is appropriate to the subject.

All this may sound very daunting but do not despair, the problem of length in business writing can be solved.

You don’t have to learn how to precis those wickedly difficult three passages (especially “The Functions of a Cabinet”) in Usage and Abusage by Eric Partridge but you may need to know something about precis by recast and precis by reduction.

You know how hard it is to write clearly in your emails and writing the wrong thing can upset colleagues and customers. I teach businesspeople to write with confidence and less frustration through quick practical tips and examples from my years of business experience.

If you want to learn how to write clearly so that you can get things done in business, persuade colleagues and customers and reach important agreements, then consider the Better Business Writing Course from the Business Writing Academy.

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