Businesses with a higher purpose (and it’s not what you think)

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Photo by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

I’ve spoken to some small business owners recently who are helping young people, denied opportunities, into the workplace, to learn skills and also sending them to university.

At Business Writing Academy we make sure that at least one young person denied opportunities attends our professional business writing skills course at no charge.

One of the owners told me that his prime motivation for starting his business is to give young people, denied opportunities in large companies and corporates, to get experience. He is committed to assisting these young people excluded from opportunities. He’s very excited about his successes. One youngster did very well with him and was snapped up by a large supplier. 

Another business person I personally know has trained several young people. He gives him an opportunity for a decent salary and the benefit of his guidance and training. It’s wonderful to see what he has done for the youngsters of his local community where large institutions won’t let them in.

Another business person has gone yet further and brought in young people, who have been shown the door by large companies and similar institutions. He has sent one young person to study at university after training with him and is very proud of this young person’s achievements.

With young people being denied opportunities, told that they mustn’t even apply, chased away, small business owners are playing a great role in uplifting these young people from the communities where they do business.

Please don’t think these young people should come to you with “experience”. As the most successful business said to me, he prefers to take a youngster from his community who has absolutely no experience and he can train the young person himself. 

If you are a young person and wish to attend a professional business writing skills training course run by the Business Writing Academy, where you can learn all about what it takes to write business correspondence persuasively so that others will understand you clearly and you can make better progress in the business world, then contact BWA and we will put your name down for the next course. 

Closer to the time we will send you our selection criteria and a brief writing test to see what level you are on and whether we can assist.

Small business owners need to look their own local communities and their youngsters — these are the most marginalised in this society right now.

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