Sweaty palms and pounding heart when you reply to a business email?

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You feel tension in your stomach after receiving an email where you are faced with a rude or even hostile response.

With sweaty palms and pounding heart, you wake up at four in the morning with the issue buzzing in your head like a mosquito.

How are you are going to reply with an answer that is satisfactory for both parties?

It could be high stakes. It could mean the difference between you getting into a lot of difficulties, being reprimanded by your boss and your customer. What are you going to do about it?

Attend the better business writing skills course to find out how to deal with difficult writing situations. You will experience greater confidence.

Others felt the same way but when they attended the Better Business Writing Skills course, run by the Business Writing Academy, they found that they became more effective at handling difficult situations whether, angry customers, baiting and biting colleagues and bosses from hell. To attend, click on this link .

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