Do these theme songs inspire you to create or make you want to vomit?

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Soundtrack to your imagination
Soundtrack to your imagination (Photo credit: nerosunero)

The other day I downloaded three of my top film soundtracks from the Internet:

Start Wars Main Theme
Chariots of Fire
Rocky Balboa Theme

These were some of the form soundtracks that I’d listened to on my yellow plastic Walkman when I used to go running in the mornings.

The songs would help mask the pain on those long uphill stretches. Inspiration for when the running became tough.

Only one of these film soundtracks made it onto the recent Top 20 iconic film soundtracks list voted by readers of the UK’s “Radio Times”.

That was: Star Wars Main Theme

BBC Radio 3 listeners voted these theme songs into the top three places:

1 Star Wars Main Theme
2 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
3 West Side Story

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is one of my all-time favourites but it’s not as effective as the Rocky Balboa Theme Song for running. Apologies to those who just hear the word “Rocky” and want to cringe.

These theme songs got me thinking about what inspires your creative, innovation or entrepreneurial journey.

What early influences stirred your emotions and got you involved in what you are doing now?

Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak assembling the first Apple I circuit boards in Jobs’ bedroom and later (when there was no space left) in Jobs’ garage.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Microsoft by writing software for the first personal computer, the Altair (8800). Gates who as a kid read Fortune magazine for fun and debugged basic programs in exchange for free computer time.

Mrs Amelia Ball who started selling her chutney in 1918 when she moved to Johannesburg. All from a recipe given to her by her mother.

The traders selling convenience foods in the low-income townships, trading in sometimes harsh and dangerous conditions. But building up convenience retail and starting to develop wholesale distribution systems.

Everywhere you look people with passion and vision are quietly, patiently getting on with what they love doing to make a life and an income for themselves and their loved ones.

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