Does it pay you to hire an architect?

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A reader who wants to find a business opportunity asked me to tell him about a specific business he could pursue in the city where he lives.

It’s not possible for anyone to tell you what business to go into just as it would be foolish to choose a house for you. Imagine that.

When you are in a financial position to buy a house of your own you will go searching for properties until you find one that you really love. It may take several weeks or even months before you find what you want. You could look at 10 properties or more than 20.

You are going to be very excited about the new home you have found for yourself. You will tell your friends and family. You will begin to feel proud about what you have bought. Your home tells a lot about you and your values, hopes and dreams.

Perhaps your home needs changing. You may want to make alterations. Knock out a wall or two. Rip up carpeting and replace the floor space with tiling. You may want to add on another room or build a second garage.

When it comes to building a new home for yourself from scratch you would approach things differently. You will go out and enquire about vacant land in a suburb of your choosing. The land you find may be on a mountainside overlooking the sea. It could be on the side of a hill looking down into a valley. Or your site may be the corner plot in a street where there is lots of sunlight.

Your brand-new home will not spring up all by itself. You will need to have a good idea of how you want it to look, how many bedrooms, the style of kitchen, the size of the living room and your outdoor entertainment area.

Before your idea for a house is cast into concrete or brick, you’ll probably want an architect to help you visualise your dream home. An architect will help ensure your home will harmoniously blend with the landscape and surroundings. He or she will ensure your home takes advantage of natural sunlight. Architects will specify the latest advanced building materials, advise you about architectural trends, design to reduce “operating” expenses such as electricity, draw plans that comply with regulations and bylaws.

You may even ask your architect to coordinate a team of specialists to build your home including the builder, interior designer and landscape architect.

Whether you do all this yourself or hire an architect is for you to decide. But whatever way you decide, you will still need a detailed plan and execution of your plan to build your dream house.

Let me show you how to start your business from scratch with the right foundation in place. Bring your vision along and get over here.

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