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Order Breakthrough Ideas online
Order Breakthrough Ideas online

If you want to be more creative, you become so by being more creative.

You may have got here because you feel you’ve lost that creative spark.

You feel you deserve more out of life.

You could be facing personal and business challenges in this depressed economy.

What can you do about it?

Please do me a small favour and read on. It could prove valuable to you.

Listen up. You will find out how you can increase your creativity and come up with new approaches, new ideas and possibilities.

You can immediately apply the techniques and ideas to your personal, working and business life. With enough motivation, you can use the tools and techniques and without anyone knowing you are using them.

New ideas can lead to personal or business breakthroughs. People need to come up with new ideas to respond to challenges, problems and difficulties they are facing. But often they just can’t make a personal breakthrough. They rack their brains but still nothing comes.

Other people come up with “brilliant” ideas but they are just too impractical or improbable. Others may have great ideas but they don’t know how to develop and implement them and worse they go about it in the wrong way.

How do you come up with new approaches, new ideas and increase your creativity? How can you accelerate your ideas to get more of what you want in life?

My book, “Breakthrough Ideas” shows you simple and practical ways to come up with new ideas. It is based on research into creativity, proven methods, ideas that have succeeded and grounded in real-world experience. By the end of the first chapter, which will only take a few minutes to read, you will be producing new ideas that could spark your personal breakthrough.

Chesney Bradshaw has a background in business communications, marketing, startups, consulting and publishing.Chesney has a  Masters in Business Administration, Herriot-Watt, Edinburgh, UK, and a BA Communications degree from the University of South Africa. He is author of "Breakthrough Ideas."
Chesney Bradshaw has a background in business. He has an MBA, Herriot-Watt, Edinburgh, UK, and a BA Communications degree from the University of South Africa.

Here are a few “golden rules” that will help you become more creative and speed your creativity:

– Use simple techniques that are proven and which you enjoy
– Personal breakthroughs come when you are prepared – practice, practice, practice
– See your world through fresh eyes
– You become more creative by using creative tools more often
– Linking unrelated objects often leads to unexpected new combinations
– Letting ideas “cool” before evaluating them leads you select the most promising one
– Commercialising ideas follows a definite process and framework that is easy to understand and simple to apply

Are you ready to learn to accelerate your idea generation? By investing a few hours in yourself you’ll find solutions faster, come up with more viable ideas and increase possibilities in your life. Go here to find “Breakthrough Ideas”.

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