Give and take in negotiations

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We negotiate all the time, sometimes without knowing it. But what is negotiation?

Negotiation is when two or more parties reach an agreement acceptable to all parties. If there is no mutual agreement, it means that they have reached a deadlock. This may mean that one or more of the parties walk away from the negotiation.

At times you are faced with no room to move because the other party has already made up their mind and has not consulted you. There’s been no discussion to reach an agreement.

In negotiation there are often options for mutual gain. In fact, you need to be able to come up with options for mutual gain, which requires creativity.

Negotiation shouldn’t be rushed. Unless there is an urgent deadline. But you often find deadlines are human made and they can also be negotiated.

This give-and-take is important in any type of negotiation including relationships, purchase of goods or services, etc.

If you are unable to reach agreement, then either you need to renegotiate or call it a day and remove yourself from the negotiating table. Some people have made up their minds and are simply cut and dried. It’s good to know beforehand what type of personality you are dealing with.

It’s often difficult to negotiate with people who can’t see the other side. It’s important to see things from both points of view. That’s why it’s often said that you need to walk in another person’s shoes. What you believe is right or valuable may be completely different from the other person’s perspective. What you value, the other side may not value at all.

Negotiation often requires extreme patience, wisdom and insight to determine what is happening in the negotiation and where you are in the negotiation. If the other person or party makes a unilateral decision, then there is no negotiation.

Before you get involved in your next negotiation, do your home work; find out your issues and try to anticipate the other party’s issues. Remember that without compromise, win-win on both sides, it’s going to be hard to reach agreement.

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