How all these people can multiply their services and income from just one breakthrough idea

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Published by Bell & Cray Media
Published by Bell & Cray Media

Be aware that you can’t stand still in whatever profession or business you are in because changing times demand new ideas, new approaches and new methods.

The sad fact is that people are being left behind, professionals are being made redundant and businesses are closing down because of rapid change and economic upheaval.

Fortunately, there is a way to come up with new approaches, new concepts and new solutions whatever your professional business. For individuals who are inspired to act and small business owners who are ambitious and open to new ideas, opportunities can be found that put them ahead of their peers or competitors.

If you are in any one of the professions or small businesses listed below, you will find that my new book “Breakthrough Ideas: How to Produce Ideas for Profit in Your Life and Business” can help you quickly think up new products and better ways to multiply the value of your personal services and income.

Retail business owners – Look around, see how restaurants close in six months and become Asian clothing stores. Pool shops in six months become pet stores. What’s happening? Changing times. Use proven idea tools and techniques to “recession proof” your small retail business and diversify your customer base.
Bed and breakfast owners – You can increase your business by using techniques and tools that bring in more visitors and improve your gross margins.
Saturday morning market owners – Generate new ideas to more effectively attract quality store owners and bring more customers to your morning market.
Country business owners – If you’ve always yearned to live in the country and enjoy a country lifestyle but don’t know how you could make income, then use the easy-to-follow steps to come up with income-generating opportunities.
Sales managers – Punch-up your sales with personal brainstorming to give better value to your customers and leave your competitors grovelling in the dust. In this challenging economy, new solutions are crucial to new problems.
Trainers – Your same old “creativity” exercises no longer interest your participants. Why not come up with new creativity games or exercises that excite your participants… and encourage them to tell their friends?
Farmers – only if you’re a farmer will you know just how important profitability has become to farming operations. Now, you can come up with new ideas, new methods and approaches to make your farming income more viable. If you’ve wanted to develop a side-income, use the idea-generation system to produce a business that will provide “insurance” in tight times.
Teachers and lecturers in entrepreneurship – As entrepreneurship makes its way into basic and higher education curricula don’t be left behind. Get your creativity working to make your courses more real-world and intriguing, and show students how to turn their business ideas into viable new products and services.
Marketing agency owners – Your clients are demanding more creative ways of marketing on ever tight budgets. Don’t rely on luck or what you’ve done in the past. Learn to systematically come up with attention-getting, more profitable marketing plans and campaigns.

Breakthrough Ideas” it is for the solution-finder, the person who wants to become a better idea-generator and a sharper opportunity seeker. It’s based on real-world experience, research into creativity, proven methods and ideas that have succeeded. By the end of the first chapter, which will only take a few minutes, you will produce new ideas that could spark your personal or business breakthrough.

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