How did you get yourself into this situation?

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What keeps you awake at night? Is it the rise in your expenses? Is your rent going up again? Or, is it your flat or townhouse levy that’s been spiked up again? Do you lie awake listening for criminals outside who you think might come again to rob your property? Are you in a state of high anxiety because you will have to turn to family and friends to pay for your excess on your motor vehicle that was broken into the previous night? Are you worried about the dangerous times we are living in with people eager to tear things down like some sort of bloodsport?

People are financially vulnerable in this rough, hard economy. It only takes one or two setbacks like a major car accident or repay to put them in financial difficulty. Sure, they might get through but that have to put the pride in the pocket as they go cap in hand burrowing advances from friends and family. Many people are just a mere paycheque away from financial calamity.

It’s difficult. It’s hard to put anything away in these times. Everyone, it seems, wants more money from you. The curse of administered prices. Electricity prices are going up yet again. Fuel prices are lower but far higher than a few years ago. Landlords can put up the rent to cover rising costs and more for themselves and their families. We does it mean? When last did you go to a restaurant for a sumptuous meal? Have you ever gone on holiday overseas? Will you ever have that opportunity?

You don’t have to live like this. Lurching from one personal financial crisis to the next. But what can you do about it? How can you change direction? Is it possible?

In better times while people were enjoying themselves spending on fancy cars, speedboats, holidays at the coast and other luxuries, one person (identity concealed because of client confidentiality) set about slowly saving towards acquiring small and assuming properties of her own. As the years rolled on, she bought small flats and townhouses and now has several properties that provide her with a regular income. Even though she has a job, she never has to worry because should anything happen the income from her properties will more than adequately cover her needs. Besides, if she wants more income all she needs to do is increase her rentals to whatever level she wants and the tenants will pay her more income. But how did she do it? She took action. She decided to do something about it and is now reaping the rewards. Yes, you may say that you don’t have the capital to buy three or four properties even if they are small flats. Look at the prices of flats today. But this person was in exactly the same position as you but decided to do something about it.

Look, property is not the only income-producing asset that you could consider. There are others such as coming up with your own product which you have hundred percent ownership of. If you learn and apply yourself you can start to earn an income from a new product or service of your own and then use those funds to finance property. If you want to start but don’t know what to do next even though you may be facing tough times right now, make a small investment in your future now. Start with Breakthrough Ideas”.

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