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The ColaLife Aid Pod anti-diarrhoea kit.
The ColaLife Aid Pod anti-diarrhoea kit.

Simon Berry came up with an idea to save millions of lives in rural areas in developing countries.

He found that the space between the bottles in the crates used to distribute Coca-Cola can be used to transport oral rehydration salts.

His invention is the ColaLife Aid Pod anti-diarrhoea kit.

It is a waterproof plastic wedge-shaped package for an anti-diarrhoea kit that rests on top and between bottles in Coca-Cola shipping crates.

The AidPod also helps protect people from reinfection. People fill the AidPod with water, add anti-bacteria powder and let the sun’s UV rays kill waterborne bacteria.

New ideas turn into products and services can help to save millions of lives.

A new idea for new idea for a product or service when commercialised can pull lives out of grinding poverty or chase away poverty knocking on the door.

One new business idea can rescue a man or a woman who faces being shown the door by an employer.

A new idea can change a technology that becomes a powerful force throughout the world.

Take this example. Android was taken on by the Asian smart phone manufacturers (Samsung and Huawei) but the European Nokia and North American BlackBerry have failed by clinging onto old ideas.

If new ideas are such a force for change and progress, why don’t people take their ideas more seriously?

Believe me, I know – because I didn’t either.

People used to laugh at my ideas and made fun of me. I was too ashamed to speak about my new ideas … I was afraid of what others would say.

Until one day I was faced with a personal crisis – my dream job vanished in an instant as part of a mass-scale corporate restructuring led by a vicious senior executive who eventually left the company in disgrace because of shameful unethical behaviour – where I had to come up with new ideas or face a downward spiral. All I had worked for set to be ruined.

During that period I came up with more ideas than I ever believed possible. Three start-up businesses. Part-time lecturing. I had to quickly evaluate them, develop them and make them work.

I have now developed a system and process for generating, evaluation and implementing ideas. You can get these methods without all the years of learning it took me.

Simply spur your imagination with these easy-to-use idea-generation tools. Quick, 10-minute sessions that unlock a flood of new ideas. Taking problems in your own life and turning them into opportunities.

Almost before you know it, you’ll have so many ideas and a crystal clear path on how to turn them into income.

Many business-minded people are benefiting from these quick and easy tools and have achieved results in media businesses, bodybuilding nutritional supplements, website development, organic farming and home-manufactured food products.

If you want to find out how you can come up with new ideas and develop them, send me an email while your fingers are still on your keyboard – before anything comes along to distract you.

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