Is there really 1 big mistake entrepreneurs make with their new ideas?

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I wonder how many times I see the same familiar email pop up in my inbox:

“What is the # 1 single biggest mistake entrepreneurs make with their new business idea?”

I must have deleted this email because I can’t find it.

One mistake.


Can business be so simple?

What do you think?

Perhaps there are 100 mistakes.

Or, 1000 mistakes.

Why focus on the negatives?

Because it’s being realistic, I hear you say.

Okay, then.

Let’s look at a few biggies:

  1. Your business idea isn’t crystal clear
  2. Too much competition
  3. Too few customers
  4. No way to determine market size
  5. Market niche not clearly identified
  6. Don’t know how to reach prospects cost effectively
  7. No clear business model
  8. Haven’t thought how you will validate your idea
  9. No marketing and sales plan
  10. Lack money to fund marketing

Stop this!

The list has already got my head in spinning.

On and on… more and more mistakes.

How are you going to know what to watch out for when evaluating the potential of your idea?

You need a simple but effective tool to pull out the opportunities in your idea for a product or service.

That works on an easy traffic light system.

Green for Go. Amber (orange) for Caution. Red for No Go.

You will know when you need this tool.

It’s only for the serious start-up entrepreneur.

If you want to know more about “The One-Page New Business Idea Accelerator Evaluation Tool”, shoot me an email.

It’s the must-have tool for entrepreneurs and independent business owners.

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