How to deal with depression as a caregiver

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I have found that as a caregiver a key coping skill is to be able to deal with depression.

A lot of things going to happen at once, scrambling up your life, and then you slump into a low state.

But to be affective as a caregiver and as a person in life, you have to know how to deal with a slump and how to pull yourself out of it.

It’s not something that you can instantly change with a snap of your fingers. It takes time. You need to learn about your body rhythms and emotional states so that you can more effectively manage yourself.

Every person is different so it doesn’t make sense to provide one of these instant recipes for handling depression like you would find with a Google search.

An individualised approach works far better.

I don’t need to tell you how important it is to have someone to guide you and help you regain your posture and strength to handle your caregiver role.

There is a solution, a personalized one, that has worked for others and can work for you.

I’m not going to crawl broken glass to persuade you to take up my offer on how to go about it.

You can find details here if you are serious about doing something to improve your life, your moods and your energy in dealing with a loved one who has a mental illness.

After 16 years as a caregiver of a loved one with mental illness I don’t believe in fairytale solutions.

I wouldn’t be telling you this if it hasn’t worked for me and worked for others.

It doesn’t mean you’ll be free of mood swings but it does give you caring and confidential support on how to go about becoming more effective in your life to benefit yourself and your loved one.

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