How to take care of making your own breaks… even when others on the sidelines are ready to gloat if you fail

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binderlayingopen_550x634Don’t waste your time reading this if you are so comfortable that you never have to worry about money. However, if you could use an extra source of income – one you create for yourself instead of making other people rich – here’s how to go about doing it…

You may have to move fast. Faster than you think. Your income is being eroded by sad sack politicians and filthy-rich money-grabbers like banksters and insurance thieves.

Do obscene electricity price increases worry you? Maybe not. Maybe you have enough money to cover rising costs like this. But for how long? Electricity prices are not like petrol prices. Fuel prices go up and sometimes down (like the past few months) but not electricity prices – they will never fall.

Maybe taxes will not go up again. But who really knows? “Legal theft” of income is on a grand scale. It dwarfs the “illegal theft” on street corners, in your suburb complex every minute 24/7, everywhere. Maybe tax will rocket again next year or sooner. Who knows. Perhaps it will be somewhere in the middle.

House prices and rentals will continue to rise. Maybe. Maybe not. Who can really say? But one thing we do know is that there is limited good stock. Don’t let tricksters fool you. Limited good stock means higher prices, higher rentals and higher levies. Do you own or are you letting?

What should you do? Maybe nothing. Wait and see… until things get worse. Maybe something. But what?

First you must protect yourself and your family.

Second, you must look after your financial survival.

To date I have published almost 600 blog posts on every conceivable angle in finding opportunities in new and existing ideas for income and business. If you total all these words, it’s something close to three novels (a novel is about 100,000 words on average) or 300,000 words. Thousands upon thousands of people like you, serious people who are searching for smart information, advice and answers, come to my blog. Why is this? They are concerned. Perhaps not. Curious. Maybe. But that’s not the main reason. They want to learn how to survive and thrive in uncertain, rough times.

Let me share something personal with you. If you want to do something about getting ahead or staying ahead, you must get a copy of “Breakthrough Ideas”. Don’t worry about the title. It doesn’t mean coming up with some stupid hi-tech gadget. The title means a personal breakthrough. It will teach you to discover your own opportunity and do it yourself, easily and smoothly. I did not “invent” any of these steps. I picked them up from various people… experience and deep research. If I did anything, I simply put them all together.

You’ll benefit from knowing you have taken action to do something about your personal circumstances. No one else will. Isn’t that correct? Only you. You’re on your own. No one cares. In fact, if you fail at what you are doing now some people… you know who they are, don’t you… will… can you believe it… gloat over your personal tragedy. Sadly, there are people like that. There are others who want you to fail because in their sick minds, it will somehow make them feel better. Even if they are already scheming how they can “legally” steal more from you.

Are you going to say, “enough’s enough”? Maybe you will. Maybe you aren’t ready. Who knows? Only you know. Maybe you will wait. But in waiting you’ll continue to suffer income erosion. If you have decided you aren’t going to take any more, then you are ready to act now.

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