The precious gift of energy

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On a Sunday evening we went down to Kalk Bay Harbour to eat some fresh fish and chips at the Harbour Cafe. Afterwards we went to the Polana restaurant that overlooks the sea to relax. It’d been a long day visiting friends in places and we wanted to relax. Just before nine a Latin jazz trio walked in to the restaurant and set up the musical equipment.

As the Latin jazz trio began to play the fast and lively music, the patrons, young and mature, got onto the dancefloor, felt the energy of the music, and danced like crazy.

Isn’t it interesting how music can increase the energy level in a room. Within minutes bodies are twisting and turning and the place seems to come alive. Many of the dancers knew their moves and went full out to express their enthusiasm for the dance and the high energy level of the Latin music. A mixture of guitar, saxophone and drums got the place rocking.

Energy is sometimes a thing we take for granted. When we have it we are charged up to build business, come up with new ideas and do all the implementation or execution work that is required. When energy is lacking, everything seems to move slowly and becomes an effort.

Where do you get your source of energy? Have you learned ways to “manufacture” energy in your life and business? What sources of energy do you find work best with your personality?

Some people like to generate energy through becoming active physically. They may go for a walk, a job or run, dance or play ball games, or take up swimming. Others may feel that more gentle pursuits can raise the energy levels. They might find the energy levels rising because of yoga, meditation or communing with nature. Yet others find the energy ignites with being with people, talking or being part of a group or team.

Earlier in the day we had gone to visit someone I know who is living in a caravan park in a motorised home. There we saw the residents who had fallen from the mainstream track. I asked the person I knew what sort of people end up living long-term in the caravan park. He told me that one person who had stayed there summed it up best by saying that the people who end up living there are basically the “financially embarrassed”. Of course, it takes a lot more than energy to keep your head above water. It’s street smarts, education, being on entrepreneurially savvy, financially astute and prudent and a whole host of other things.

To keep moving ahead in these rough times, to keep producing, be aware of your energy level and knowing how to increase your energy is important for your long-term success. Nurture and protect one of your most important personal resources – your own personal energy level.

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