Is it a moot point to be mooted?

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By Shaun Hollick, our foreign correspondent on UK and European news. With his museroom set up in the small village of Derby, he is ideally positioned to bring us alternative views on current reality.

Got up at 4am this morning to ‘moot’ a word I’d seen in the Daily Telegraph.

I recalled the use of the word ‘Moot’ over the years but had a horrendous amnesia as to its meaning! Was it scientific, sexual or foreign!

I found it listed in the Oxford dictionary. A meeting of a legislative or judicial kind: hypothetical case for practice; debatable matter on which opinions differ; raise (a question) for discussion.

You could be excused for thinking it meant ‘rant’ like the drinkers that congregated during the English civil war. Not that I want to cast aspersions on the British legal system.

There’s another dimension to this. Oxbridge privilege. Or do I mean alienation from reality. It’s not just the annual boat race that sees teams from Oxford and Cambridge go at it oars and tongues.

The bitter row blew up after Oxford erroneously claimed their team had won the Herbert Smith Freehills disability mooting championship.

This resulted in a massive social media campaign.

Were the audience blown away by the advocacy in the equality, disability and housing law debate?

Was it a moot point to be mooted!

Will the virus get us? Economic collapse and mass extinction? All moot points.

What about the opinions of other educational institutions? Do they not live on this planet? Even if they need proof of their intelligence in this nepotistic if not revolutionary world.

Don’t moot too much economic decay! We know where you live. The roads are dangerously busy and many forms of transport can be just as fatal as Covid 19.

Don’t forget to hang a clove of garlic over the door of your dwelling!

Something to moot!!!

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