Is it possible to turn your idea into a viable business?

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If you are reading this page it’s highly likely you need help with turning your idea into a viable business and you think Ideaaccelerator might be the one to help you.

And… maybe, maybe not.

It all depends – on me and you, the kind of idea you have, and how much you’re willing to invest in taking your idea from mere thought or wishful thinking to a product or service that may eventually be a source of income to you.

You also need to understand right up front that turning your idea into a product or service that can produce income is not some frivolous past-time that requires no effort on your part.

You may think your idea is so brilliant that it will be a license to print money. Let’s be straight here – that’s called magical thinking. It won’t help you bring in one cent of income. The only way to make money is to sell something people want or need.

To help you with the process of turning an idea into a viable business, I have designed a 7-day mini course. The mini course shows you in 7 days what you need to know and do to take your best idea and turn it into a product or service that customers will want to buy from you.

Seven days will only give you a taste of what’s required. Yes, you may be lucky and produce something that you can sell in seven days. I’m not saying it’s impossible – some have done so with information products – but it’s not likely.

TV programmes like Dragons Den and Shark Tank as well as these weekend boot camps that fast-track start-up ventures may give the impression that start-ups happen overnight but only the naïve could be sucked into this hype.

Growing a business is an organic process with trial and error despite the best systems available. Overnight successes are not the norm. They just make the headlines. Look how long Facebook struggled just to come up with a business model.

Do yourself a favour. Google the many products that have flopped – Microsoft Zune, breathable insulin, cocaine energy drink (there are many more). Just because you have a great idea doesn’t mean you’ll find customers. Also Google some of the simple ideas that made money – microwavable cushions, plastic wishbones and sunglasses for dogs.

Yet many of the successful businesses are not new but give a new twist on restaurants, web hosting, fitness products, foods, beverages, sauces and mundane cleaning services.

Simply put your name in the box above now and find out if your idea has the potential to generate income for you in 2013.


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