Staying positive in a down market

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Photo credit: Unsplash, Christopher Campbell

It’s amazing, isn’t it, how some people just manage to come up with new ideas, new concepts and new approaches despite the doom and gloom.

It’s people like this that motivate and inspire us to reach within ourselves and to tap into our imaginations to come up with new ideas ourselves.

It doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily come up with a new product or service but if you have an existing product or service, you may want to find new ways to sell it or find new markets.

The other evening someone was talking about a woman who is in dire financial circumstances but she continued to remain positive and upbeat.

Although the business guru discussing her circumstances was gushing a false sort of enthusiasm, he did at least say that when he hit rock bottom, he kept asking himself questions which helped to pull him out of his negative mindset.

It reminds me of someone I know who was forced to leave a company and spent a year learning a new skill. All through this time, the person remained positive and kept thinking about new opportunities that would come to him once he had mastered his skills. And they did.

It wasn’t too long after he had completed his training that he looked around and found employment and after about three years bought a business with fairly mediocre results but turned it around. Over the years he’s made it into a strong income-producing asset.

While some of the larger businesses have placed their bets on far-away countries like China, the smaller business person that is opportunity minded looks to the local market to see what opportunities can be found. Even Swiss watchmakers like Swatch who replaced a third of their revenue as a bet in China are battling. It just goes to show how easy it is to put your eggs in the wrong basket.

One business I know focuses solely on the local market and does pretty well. It’s secret is continually coming up with new ideas, new approaches and new solutions. It also keeps its staff and managers motivated and operates with a dedicated and committed approach to professional retailing. Staff are happy and motivated and because they have a smile on their faces, customers find their stores inviting and pleasant.

Being motivated and positive despite the present economic challenges is actually a competitive edge.

If you can keep the fire of motivation burning no matter the circumstances, you will be more open to new opportunities, new ideas and new approaches. Here’s where to go if you want some added inspiration.

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