The power behind decisive decision-making

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IMG00406-20111014-0959I was faced with making a decision but put it off for several months until circumstances became such that I had to decide quickly. It’s a strange phenomenon but once I had made that decision, things seem to miraculously fall into place. A solution appeared from out of the blue, support came from an unexpected source and the whole process moved so fast that I was astounded.

Have you experienced this phenomenon where when you decide on something things fall into place quickly? Do you find that it takes a long time to make a decision – I’m talking here about big decisions involving possible risk – but there seems to be a right time to make your decision? What is behind the power of decisive decision-making?

Whether it is a relationship, a new idea you want to implement, a property you may want to purchase, a new job you want to pursue, a new skill to acquire, it’s only when you commit and make the decision in your mind to do what you want or need to do that things seem to fall in place. A wise man who studied decision-making said that it had to do with definiteness of purpose. Others with a more metaphysical bent would say that when you have made your decision, when you have decided to act, the universe supports you. I’m not sure whether these two explanations fully give the real reason why making a definite decision tends to clear the path in your personal or business life. All I do know is that the very act of making your decision seems to clear a path way in your life that allows you to move forward and sometimes rather rapidly.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression that just by making a decision things will miraculously happen for you. Reality doesn’t work that way. Before you decide to pursue a course of action or to act on an opportunity, you most likely will spend time doing informal or formal research. You will find out how much things cost. You’ll look into the pros and cons. You may even obtain advice from different sources to gain a different perspectives on your intended action. It may take you some time to also build up resources (and even acquire specialised knowledge or skills) before you make an important decision.

A property consultant and developer mentioned that if you want to get good property deals you need to do preparation way in advance so that when an opportunity presents itself you can act like a lightning. Some sellers have been surprised at how quickly he is able to provide a realistic offer in such a short time involving perhaps a complex industrial property deal. But he is able to act so rapidly because he does his homework long before he decides to pursue a property opportunity.

If you are at a point in your life where you need to make an important personal or business decision weigh up the risks and how you going to mitigate them way upfront before you decide to act on the opportunity you wish to pursue. If you have decided to start something from scratch, turn an idea into a viable product or service and require help in making your decision, decide now to put your name down for my forthcoming resource “Breakthrough Ideas”. Email me to find out more.

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