Thousands have this priceless gift – but how many discover its potential?

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(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)
(Copyright © 2015 by Chesney Bradshaw, all rights reserved)

I heard about an estate agent who hasn’t sold a house in this market for a year.

It’s unbelievable how we get into a rut and just can’t find our way out.

Let’s wind back for a second. With all his experience you would think that he would come up with new ideas, new approaches even new opportunities. But he remains stuck in a terrible position of misfortune.

Why is it that people don’t use their inborn creative mechanism when faced with a crisis? Why when they could use their creativity and come up with a fresh plan, a new way out?

Think of it this way: people all the time use their creative imagination to solve problems. Come up with new ideas for products or services. Make new plans for their lives. I’ve helped people to overcome obstacles, expand their business and even launch small businesses. My book “Breakthrough Ideas” can show you how .. but more about that in a moment.

Here’s a speed idea generation tool that that you can use. The question: If you were the estate agent, how might you develop new opportunities to sell houses? In three minutes flat develop at least 10 different ideas (just jot ideas in a few words) to help this estate agent.


Believe it or not, the more you practice, the better you will become a generating ideas.

Now, use this three-minute tool to come up with ideas for a challenge you are facing.

Do you want to quickly develop ideas to solve personal challenges, in your own business, at work, in sales, marketing and even new product development?

How difficult is it?

I’m glad you asked.

In “Breakthrough Ideas” I show you many more simple and practical ways to come up with new business ideas. It’s based on real-world experience, research into creativity, proven methods and ideas that have succeeded. By the end of the first chapter, which will only take a few minutes to read, you will produce new ideas that could spark your personal breakthrough.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from the process and framework in “Breakthrough Ideas”:

– Three simple but powerful tools that will help you generate a flash flood of new ideas (one shows you how to observe with fresh eyes; the other uses your listening powers; and the third one is so simple that many “creative” people don’t even realise how often they use it).
– Simple techniques that help you source your creativity by letting go of preconceived ideas and unleashing your thinking by recognising abundance in your world (a simple method teaches you radiant thinking)
– Rapid idea generation methods show you how accelerated thinking helps you access your creative potential (research shows how amazed people are when they produce so many ideas in a short period of time).
– Howard Schultz of Starbucks turned an everyday product into a lifestyle after visiting Italian coffee bars (the idea-generation technique he used is laid out in an easy way that anyone can follow and apply)
– Discover no-cost, low-cost methods to test demand for your product or service idea without making a fool of yourself or blowing your life savings.

Do you want to learn to speed up your idea generation? I’m going to strongly recommended that you check out “Breakthrough Ideas”. Just invest a few hours in yourself and you’ll find solutions faster and come up with more viable ideas.

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