Unsung heroes with real community spirit

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Free high-resolution photos from Unsplash
Free high-resolution photos from Unsplash

In the local communities small business owners contribute to their communities in many ways. For example, one small business sells off their large hessian coffee bags at a dirt cheap price and collects the money for a charity. Without fanfare, this business quietly and in a dignified way does its bit to make a difference in its local community.

That’s just one example. There are so many others. Perhaps the biggest contribution that small business owners make, in contrast to big businesses, is that they create jobs for the local community. Instead of hiring people from other cities and countries, the small business owner in one community hires local youngsters for his business and helps to develop them so that they can go on to bigger things.

Who else, may I ask, is doing superb work like this?

These small business owners are making a strong contribution in a meaningful way to uplift people in their communities, especially young people who are often turned away because they may lack experience or other requirements. How are these young people going to get experience unless these small businesses help them?

It’s noteworthy when a business donates money to a charity or worthy cause but sad when it has only cheap publicity in mind. For a tiny contribution, far less than the small business may contribute towards the community, these businesses milk their piffling donation to the hilt. Where is the community spirit in this? When publicity is mandatory for even the smallest charitable contribution, somehow the spirit of giving gets lost in inner clawing and groping for publicity.

It’s sad when someone, albeit naïvely, gifts a sandwich and cool drink to a person who is less fortunate and seeks publicity through social media. How do you tell the difference between bragging and personally profiteering from poverty from the person who has a genuine interest in helping others?

I read once of an approach to giving that’s very similar to the small business owners who constantly give but expect nothing in return. The idea is to give generously but anonymously. This takes the giver’s ego out of the picture and the recipient never even knows who the giver was. This is a selfless and kind approach where absolutely nothing is expected in return. It’s something that people with integrity and values do to help others less fortunate than themselves without craving for a pat on the back.

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