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When you mention the word creativity in conservative circles you may feel ashamed like it’s some sort of dirty word. Creativity is smothered or kept safely under lock and key in command and control organisations and institutions. Why? Perhaps because the new, the novel and different is scary to the traditionalists. Like oil and water creativity and business aren’t supposed to mix.

Yet is this true? Is it really the case? Is creativity so far removed from business?

Think for a moment how quick creativity sells in business. Take any field and you’ll be surprised. Look at all of the shows on your television set – all dreamed up and executed with creative minds in television writing, acting and production. What about the many Hollywood blockbuster films? New toys for kids. New meals and foods. Engineering for ships, trains and giant aeroplanes. The automotive industry. Small businesses and start-ups coming up with new apps and software, tools, techniques and training systems.

The creative imagination is at work in small business, retail markets, commerce and industry. New solutions need to be found for new challenges, new products and services are conceptualised, developed and implemented so that people can do things faster, more easily and cheaper.

Why is it that so many people after they believe school, college or university of forced to lock up the creativity and keep it safely away from their lives? Is it because creativity is associated with so-called “creative” profession such as art, performing arts and music? We are told to be practical, logical, rational and sensible – all so-called left-brained activities that keep us safe and minimise risk in our lives. Yet isn’t it sad, so sad, that some people have to work most of their lives until their retirement when they take up a creative pursuit such as playing a musical instrument or stroking a paintbrush on a canvas?

Creativity within certain bounds is essential for our living and survival. It helps us come up with new business ideas, ideas for products and services or simply ways to make an income when other doors of employment have been slammed shut in our face or barriers put up to deliberately and viciously exclude you.

What can you do to be more creative in your small business? To wake up, ignite or light up your creativity, you could try one or several ways that lead to opening up your mind to fresh and new possibilities. Books, courses, mentors, DVDs, idea generation techniques, just some of the things that you can use to spur your creative imagination. All it also might just take is a walk in nature or stroll along the beach. Each one of us as human beings has creative potential locked inside of us. With a proper understanding of its potential and power we can re-energise our lives and our business interests.

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