Warning: turning your promising idea into a viable business requires hard work

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Woodfired pizza oven at Pizzeria Sorbillo, Naples
Wood-fired pizza oven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A small business owner recently bought a pizzeria and restaurant franchise in a local shopping centre. Not happy with the appearance and interior design of the restaurant, he set about refurbishing it. His contractors started early on a Sunday morning and by the Wednesday evening had completed the entire refurbishment of the restaurant. (You can buy my book “Breakthrough Ideas here: http://wp.me/P1A3Pz-2hY)

This is the kind of hard work and perseverance that sets the successful small business owner apart from the competition. Other small business owners who don’t seem as interested in completing their refurbishments quickly open themselves up to disappointed customers who take their money elsewhere. It’s the small business owner who gets off his or her butt and makes things happen that is ultimately successful. When energy is lacking in a small business, you quickly see how things deteriorate. Customers stop frequenting the business. Things slow down. Ultimately what happens is that either the existing owner tries to sell the business or shuts it down. This is actually what happened with the pizzeria and restaurant that I mentioned earlier.

Then comes the inevitable crisis and chaos. The same pizzeria and restaurant was hit with the electricity blackouts on the Saturday following their refurbishment. Imagine that? You just made your small business look fantastic and you are waiting to please customers, when the power utility shuts down the electricity for the entire day. Fortunately this business could still cook food because it has a wood-fired pizza oven and was able to serve customers pizzas and handle takeaway orders. But you can only go so far when you have no electricity. Soon meals requiring water can’t be served. Hard beverages cannot be served either.

This is typical of the challenges that a small business owner faces in unpredictable circumstances where one wonders about the lip service that is paid to supporting small business, especially as a local job creator. Imagine you had just refurbished your restaurant at great expense and you cannot cater for customers because someone has switched the electricity off.

For someone who wants to start a business from scratch from a mere idea or concept, you need to realise that you will face many challenges. We need to be clear on one thing and that is starting anything requires sweat equity. Even when you buy my book “Breakthrough Ideas” you won’t get any where by just reading it. You need to lift your butt from your chair, roll up your sleeves and start working on your promising new business idea.

If you have no experience of business or marketing and think that you are going to turn your best idea into a product or service you need to seriously question what you are letting yourself in for. But if you are not scared of hard work, red-eyed nights and back-breaking implementation, then you might want to buy this resource to find out exactly what it takes to turn a promising idea into a viable source of repeatable income.

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