What are the criteria for an under-the-radar business? Does it matter to you?

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I have come across quite a few under-the-radar businesses. You might ask, what are under-the-radar businesses? First up, it’s got nothing, absolutely nothing, to the legality of operation. An under-the-radar business is completely legitimate, complies absolutely with the rule of law and pays its taxes. So that’s it – it’s a completely, absolutely legitimate business. There is absolutely nothing, but nothing, untoward about an under-the-radar business.

Now let’s get into it. But I don’t want to go into examples because I don’t want to break under-the-radar businesses cover. The first thing about an under-the-radar business is that it is out of the prying eyes of competition. It’s not like a main street, retail business looking for foot traffic and word-of-mouth. So yes, it is a business that does not require a heavy cost in marketing and promotion. It’s usually a business that has built itself up with a number of key customers that rely on its products and services.

Being under-the-radar and away from prying eyes it does not attract the attention of the billionaire business person who is gobbling up every family owned business he can. There is nothing wrong with that in a way but isn’t it a far better thing for families, real people, real human beings to benefit from their small business labours than it is for some billionaire to crush the spirit in a family-owned business and channel or siphon the profits or to shareholders in foreign countries?

Under-the-radar also means it’s invisible from all the takers, the freeloaders, those who want something for nothing and just want to take, take, take. By its very nature, because it is an under-the-radar business these type of people, the takers, wouldn’t want anything to do with it anyway. They want to take from something that is high profile.

The other characteristic about and under-the-radar business is that it’s strictly private. It doesn’t deal with institutions or institutionalised people and entities. It has no consort with such insane madness. In dealing with private entities, the only rationale is value creation and value proposition. Customers want to know what value they can receive from you, what benefit? They are interested in performance, not the pathetic. By providing value creation, the business model is assured as well as viability and profits.

I first came across a hidden jewel, an under-the-radar business 25 years ago – and I was astounded. I was gobsmacked that there are businesses out there that nobody knows about and are quietly pulling in the money by providing value to customers. Just the other day I came across one of these hidden gems and was amazed how beautifully this business is running.

You may not want to create an under-the-radar business for yourself. Perhaps you enjoy the limelight more. But that’s where the predators are, the competitors and Mr Big Billionaire waiting to stamp you out under foot. If that’s what you want, fine. But if you’re looking for something more viable, think “under-the-radar”.

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