Where do small business ideas come from?

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A rose-cut synthetic diamond created by Apollo...
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Have you ever found a diamond in the ground, in a river or deep beneath the sea?

I have never met anybody who stumbled across a real diamond in nature. Most diamonds anyway are found in restricted areas that are demarcated for mining. I suppose if you, for example, lived along the Orange River you may have heard stories about the old diamond prospectors who came across these precious stones in the river.

I have only seen a diamond in a natural setting once in my life. That was many years ago when I was diving for diamonds off the Cape West coast.

It wasn’t terribly deep, only about 3 or 4 m where I had a large suction pipe and was sucking out the stones from the sea bait beneath rocks.

Under those rocks were shark bones that had become stone after millions of years. When I hit an area where these old stones and fossilised shark teeth were located a brownish dust spread out into the sea water in a small cloud.

It was during one of these underwater diving sessions that I suddenly saw a small diamond glistening on the seabed for I picked it up and slipped it into Neoprene glove and later when I got to the surface, I gave it to the supervisor on board the large trawler that was our diving vessel.

Although I brought up many diamonds with the suction hose, it was only on that one single occasion that I saw a diamond.

New business ideas are not as scarce as diamonds. People find new business ideas almost every day. It can sometimes take hours to find a new business idea, weeks or even longer.

Finding a business idea isn’t terribly difficult but finding an idea that will become a viable product or service is a lot more difficult. Unless, of course, you know what you are looking for, know how to find a new business idea and can capture or store it shortly after your “aha” moment.

New business ideas don’t necessarily pop out of the blue but can be coaxed or stimulated through deliberate and practical steps or techniques.

Are you satisfied just to keep the wolf from the door or do you wish to find your own diamond of a business idea?

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