Whose advice do you listen to in this attention-screaming information tsunami?

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Scrimshawed ostrich egg. Probably New England,...
Scrimshawed ostrich egg. Probably New England, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you say outrageous things maybe you will get people to listen to you.

A fading, socially guilt-ridden poet wants us all to become like finely chopped up fried eggs.

Yet when the world she lives in is really like one broken ostrich egg with the pieces of shells impossible to put back, you realise she’s an idealistic dreamer, that’s all.

Why doesn’t she look at the gigantic numbers spent on social services, health, education, housing and other free services?

As Carlos Castaneda tells Don Juan Matus, “… In a civilised world there are scores of people who have delusions and cannot distinguish what takes place in the real world from what takes place in their fantasies”.

When so-called intelligent people spew out such rubbish in the media and online who do you turn to? Especially when you need information that can help or guide you in problem-solving or important decision-making?

It’s easy to get sucked into the wishful thinkers, the self promoters and the snake oil salespeople. Yet ultimately it’s up to you to decide who you will listen to, whose advice you will follow or apply.

When it comes to information and advice on creativity you need to make up your own mind about who has researched their material well, has lived or experienced what they are saying you should do and who has a track record.

In my book “Breakthrough Ideas” I show you many simple and practical ways to come up with new ideas. It’s based on real-world experience, research into creativity, proven methods and ideas that have succeeded. By the end of the first chapter, which will only take a few minutes, you will produce new ideas that could spark your personal breakthrough.

Here is a list of “golden rules” to guide you in developing your creative capacity, your ability to bring creativity to your life and business:

– Use simple techniques that are proven and which you enjoy
– Personal breakthroughs come when you are prepared – practice, practice, practice
– See your world through fresh eyes
– You become more creative by using creative tools more often
– Connecting unrelated objects often leads to unexpected new combinations
– Letting ideas “cool” before evaluation lets you select the most promising one using your rational left side of your brain
– Developing ideas and implementing them follows a definite process and framework that is easy to understand and apply

Do you want to learn to speed up your idea generation? I’m going to strongly recommend that you check out “Breakthrough Ideas”. Just invest a few hours in yourself and you’ll find solutions faster and come up with more promising and viable ideas.

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