A tool that helps you decide if your new business idea is viable or not

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Kalk Bay station, Cape Town, South Africa. A s...
Kalk Bay station, Cape Town, South Africa. A shot of a departing commuter train. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Growing up in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, my mother used to make delicious pickled fish. Being so close to a real, working fishing harbour she was able to buy fresh fish for frying, baking and pickling. My father had a ski boat and he would catch various fish which could be pickled such as Cape Salmon, white Steenbras and yellowtail.

On Sunday we ate delicious pickled fish for lunch. But this pickle fish was not made in Cape Town where one would expect pickle fish to be made but was rather made in Bloemfontein in the Free State. Interesting, isn’t it, that a small business in the heart of the country has come up with an idea to produce pickled fish and make it available in various convenience stores and butcheries.

This is the power of a business idea. It can help create a thriving enterprise that can grow and prosper for many years supplying the owner with a regular and attractive source of income.

If you take a look around you, you will see many products that have been brought about through the power of an idea. Foods, condiments, hand and body lotions, soaps, parades, sweets, toys, jams – all these products and more are open to any enterprising person who can come up with a new idea or a twist on an old idea.

Yet not all new business ideas are equal. Some may only attract minimal demand while others may turn out to be duds. How do you find out if your promising new business idea is viable or not?

Even free workshops are available to help people create a viable businesses but how much attention is paid to help people learn how to thoroughly research their idea to find out whether it is commercially viable? Do these “free” workshops show you what is required to manage a business on a day-to-day basis. The survival rate for new small businesses is low which means that you need to pay special attention to determining whether your new business idea will be viable or not.

One of the important steps in determining the feasibility of a new business idea and whether these customer demand for it, is to run a pilot, trial or live test to get feedback from the marketplace. How you go about testing your product before development and launch requires knowing certain steps that you need to take. If you go about it in the wrong way, you could end up spending a lot of money and obtain results that could be pretty much worthless.

A far better way is to find a specialist in generating, testing and developing new small business ideas. I don’t know about you but whenever I have a problem or where I have little knowledge, experience or expertise, I try to locate the best expert possible, someone who is not only knowledgeable but has had experience in the field.

Such expertise is available in a new resource “Breakthrough Ideas” which provides tools to help you thoroughly research and test whether your new business ideas commercially viable and how to go about implementing it with minimal cost. It has several tools to show you how. If you are interested in a copy, please send your name to idea accelerator to be put on the waiting list at no obligation.

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