Are you being a gambler in your business?

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I met a man at a party on Saturday evening whose body was riddled with skin cancer. He’s been in the construction industry for many years. He took precautions but perhaps they weren’t enough.

Think of all the gambles you and I take. We working a job feeling secure only to discover that retrenchments are on the way. We took a gamble on the security and reputation of a company and they want to let us go.

Then there’s the area that you are living in. How long will it stay the same? Will it deteriorate? Will you have to eventually pack up and move?

You take a gamble on equities for your retirement savings. Equites don’t perform as promised. And you get that uneasy feeling that as long as the investment management company is getting the commission from your investments annually, they are quite happy to keep you invested.

In business they are many gambles. That market demand will increase. There will be an abundant supply of specialized skills on the open market. That your business will keep running without interruption.

What gambols is your business taking? When last did you do a full risk assessment? How will you cope with a major disruptive incident?

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