Be aware of negative attitudes towards “problems”

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IMG-20150822-00887Automatically seeing a problem as “negative” can prevent you from getting the facts both positive and negative to an issue. As creative consultant Man Min Basadur says, our negative perceptions cause us to avoid problems rather than to seek them out.

“We will seek only the facts that support our preconceived negative view, leading to inadequate and off-target problem defining,” Basadur says.

How do you turn negatives into opportunities for improvement?

By remaining neutral, looking at “problems” from a curious perspective and flipping them around we can find hidden opportunities. We just need to keep our minds open and be non-judgemental.

Here’s a quick exercise that can help you to view “problems” differently. The question: What different words might you use to describe problems? In three minutes write down as many synonyms for “problem” as you can.


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How difficult is it?

I’m glad you asked.

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Here are a few “golden rules” that may help you in your search for new ideas:

– Use simple techniques that are proven and which you enjoy
– Personal breakthroughs come when you are prepared – practice, practice, practice
– See your world through fresh eyes
– You become more creative by using creative tools more often
– Linking unrelated objects often leads to unexpected new combinations
– Allowing ideas to “cool” before evaluation lets you select the most promising one
– Finding and developing ideas follows a definite process and framework that is easy to understand and apply

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